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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had a really great day today then someone had to go and ruin it and now I can't seem to calm down enough to want to go to bed.... so here I am writing a post. About what though? I'm not sure.... maybe an explanation as to where I've been the past little while? Sure. Why not, right?!

Well... after becoming seriously frustrated with not being able to lose anything I decided, "It's summer, I really don't want to be on a super-strict diet right now." I want to enjoy BBQ'd burgers and hot dogs and smoked ribs and delicious steak and corn on the cob and all the other yummy food that comes with Summer-time. Now you California people don't understand this. You can BBQ outside almost any day of the year... here in Utah, you can't. Especially when Winter seems to last from Oct - May/June. So I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Maybe once Summer is over I'll start up again, but that's a huge maybe.
Plus our sister is coming to visit us this weekend! Party time! (For those who don't know.... the 24th of July is a HUGE Utah Holiday. I'd say they celebrate it more intensely than the 4th. )

But I'll keep you posted....

maybe now I can get some sleep....

Happy Pioneer Day everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you losing 19 lbs! That is great!!!

hcg pellets said...

Really awesome! Congratz! Just keep it up.

Ryan, USA