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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I stopped my last round of HCG the beginning of May, I was at a 21lbs loss total from January. I went to San Diego, enjoyed a day at Disneyland and spent much-needed time with family. All the while only gaining 5lbs back. 5lbs I could handle. My pants still fit nicely. I still felt great.
Then we came home and I don't know what happened. I just gave up, I guess. Ice cream, cookies, and chips set me back another 4lbs. 4lbs doesn't seem like much, but it was just enough to make my pants a little tight.
So with another month rolling around, I decided to start one more round, with hopes of losing another 20lbs. That way when it's over, if I gain some back, it won't make my pants uncomfortable. Last time I had a hard time dropping below 190 and when I finished I bobbled between 190-200. If I can get to 180 this time and bobble between 180-190 I'll be good! I may even get down to a size 12! Those numbers seem awfully high... but you have to take into account I'm almost 5'8" tall. Normal for me is 160, so says the BMI scale. Which, by the way, I hate. I will be perfectly happy with 180ish.

So that's my story for today.... I'm back on the program. I feel great, and I'm super excited! I started last Tuesday, and so today marks the end of Week #1. I've lost 6.5lbs so far. Funny thing is, during my Load Days, I actually LOST weight! So I took an extra Load Day to try and gain extra.... but I still ended up losing. It was very strange!

Here's to two more weeks of 500 Calories, and the return of fruits and veggies to my diet! They really do wonders to your self-esteem and over-all health!

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