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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday follow-up

I never realized how rough February would be for me. Especially this year.

You see in February, not only is it Valentine's Day, but it is also my husband's birthday, his mom's birthday and our anniversary. It was a crazy month and it's not over yet!
This year (during V-Day weekend) his sister happened to move to the SLC area, making a stop here for a night.
With all the family visits, I indulged. Well, the first visit I kept to my diet and did REALLY well. But I felt left out, not the fam's fault AT ALL. So the next 2 visits, I decided I was going to be careful, but allow myself to indulge with them. So first was the Chorizo Tacos (can I say YUMMY!?), and the second was Chilis (I think the chips and salsa and mayo on my sandwich are what hurt... but so yummy!). And both times followed with cupcakes and/or cake to celebrate birthdays. I also had some Valentines Granny B's cookies (if you live in or near Utah, you know what those are!) laying around (my husband and now my son LOVE them!). And then there was the V-Day candy (that we purchased the NEXT day so save some $$). So you can see... it was just tragedy waiting to strike (I gained 6lbs.).
With all that going on, I decided I would use those indulgences as "load days" for a 2nd round.
So Wednesday was my 1st day back on the 500Cal diet. And I must say, I thought I did VERY well. The next morning I weighed myself super excited to have lost at least 2lbs.... but was very quickly disappointed with the fact that I had GAINED another 2?! I was super devastated to say the least.
So this morning I got back on the scale, not really expecting anything and I had lost 3lbs (well 5 actually, I didn't save the 2lbs increase from the day before). That seems like a lot in one day, and I think the 2lb increase could have been the result of dead batteries in my Balance Board.

So I'm sittin' pretty at almost where I left off before the indulgences, super excited to finish this round and have the fat be gone forever!!

Today's menu:

Creole seasoned steak with diced tomatoes and chives and strawberries for dessert. Yum!

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