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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I don't really have anything to post about today... but it's been about a week since my last post and I thought I'd just let you know I'm still here... and I'm still workin hard at this thing. If you notice the tracker above it says I've lost 16lbs so far. That's including the 5lbs I lost in December. I hit a two-week slump for some reason where I didn't lose (or gain) anything... so it's nice to jump on the scale this week and see some improvement.
Last weekend, I almost gave up. I felt like I was STARVING and yet I wasn't losing anything... I had hit rock bottom. So Saturday I did an Apple Day to jump start it again. I only ate 3 apples, and it was HARD to get the last one down... I felt like I was gonna puke. Later that night, I had to eat a piece of bread. I felt much better after that, and the next day I had lost 2lbs!
My in-laws are coming in today to celebrate my husband's birthday and I'm making Green Chile Chorizo tacos... I've never had it, but it sounds so good. I am going to enjoy it with them... and probably have an Apple Day tomorrow. I will pass on the cupcakes though... I fear that will put me too far over the edge. I'm making sure all the fixin's to go along with the tacos are super healthy so it won't be too much of an indulgence.

Speaking of healthy alternatives, I HIGHLY recommend reading "Eat this, Not that." They have a few different versions, I have the 2010 version and some of the things in it are a complete SHOCK to me! You'd think ordering a salad at a restaurant would be healthier than a steak right?! Wrong. If you're planning on eating at Applebee's you're best choice would be a house Sirloin with veggies. (Weird, that's my fav meal there!) And a Big Mac is MUCH healthier than a Whopper (WHAT?! I know!). Not only does it help you determine what you should (and SHOULDN'T) eat at restaurants, it tells you the best choices to make at the supermarket as well... go read it! It's a small, simple book with lots of pictures! Super fun!!

I know it's not hCG-approved, but I will post the recipe to tonight's tacos (upon determining if they're tasty or not).

Have a great Groundhog Day!!

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