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Friday, March 26, 2010

Last post of the week, I Promise!

Here's what I ate yesterday:

2 pieces of bread (was more like 1/2 a piece with the crusts because my bebe is a little porker!)
an extremely large tortilla (thank you BB!) with less than 3oz Roasted Chicken, 2 Pickle spears and 1 string cheese... sooo yummy! Definitely my new fav!
about 1/2C of Devil Cheesecake. It. Must. DIE! (going in the trash as we speak)
3oz steak (different seasonings this time: ginger, salt, pepper, cajun... not my fav mix)
1 tomato (cut in half, then each half cut in 3rds, then in 4ths; salt and pepper (generously) and a little chives and red wine vinegar... mmmm
1 bag of popcorn
5 Dove Chocolates

And guess what?! I LOST 3.1lbs! That's right. I'm awesome! :)

I've come to a conclusion. I think they make this diet so strict so you can lose your maximum weight loss. But because each body is different, everyone reacts to it differently. I have a friend, who is older than me, she has weekly cocktails. Her daily loss is usually less than a pound. But she is very strict in other aspects of it. So why is our loss so different? Could be age, could be our body types... I'm not sure.
I've always had an easy time losing weight (THANK GOODNESS). And I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to lose it this easily at this point in my life. I also gain weight easily.
Growing up I never had a belly. I took pride in my gorgeous flat stomach. I used to show it off by wearing belly shirts and spaghetti straps. Then the Prednisone hit and all my hard work was gone.
I think you don't have to be as super strict as they tell you to be, you just need to be smart. I gave up my fruits yesterday because of that devil cheesecake. And I didn't eat the whole thing, just a few bites. Everything in moderation. If you must go overboard, do it with veggies, not junk. Veggies contain very little calories, enjoy them! And honestly, I feel so much better after having eaten 3 large tomatoes with salt than I do a whole bag of potato chips.
I'm really scared to end this diet for fear that all my hard work will be gone with one regular meal. And that's why the 3 weeks after the drops are over are so critical. You have to allow your body to settle and reset. Then the loss should be permanent.

It's ok to make a few mistakes. Just don't dwell on them and continue making them. Make one little mistake and be better the rest of the day. Usually by Fridays I'm starving and would have taken Wed or Thurs to cheat... and then I'd be regretting it all weekend and have to start all over on Sunday. I think I've finally figured it out! I eat tomatoes when I'm hungry.

Try it. And in the meantime, have a great weekend!!

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