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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really need to just take 6 weeks and not plan anything. Then I might actually be able to stick to this without cheating or worse... gaining what it took a week to lose.

I totally messed up those 3 very crucial days. You know, the 3 days when you stop taking the drops but are to STAY ON THE 500 Cal Diet. Then once those 3 days are over, you're then onto 1000 calories. Yeah, messed up... AGAIN.

So here's my new plan. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to do my "load days." Only, I'm going to be careful in what I eat and not totally engorge myself. Then on Monday, it's back to 500 Calories for 3 weeks. By the time May 1st hits, I will have completed a full 6 week program again, hopefully losing an additional 20lbs and then I can celebrate with a FREE Disney Day! :)

I'm determined to fully complete my final cycle with no cheating. So, I'm sorry to my dear friends, but I will not be making any plans during the entire month of April (and the final week of March). I will see you when I get back from Disney, and 20lbs lighter! Woohoo! :)

Love you all!

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