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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two posts in a week? I must be crazy! :)

Yesterday I felt like such a porker! I was petrified to get on the scale this morning after what I had eaten:

2- 3oz steaks (lunch and dinner)
4 small tomatoes
1 lg. tomato
5 little Special Dark Dove Chocolates (at least they're good for your heart, right?!)
A whole bag of popcorn with a little melted butter (my husband makes the BEST popcorn... which we share every night. Lately, I've been asking for my own bag as my 17mo old likes to share with me!)
A Piece of bread
A bowl of strawberries
teacup of chocolate milk

But to my amazement, I had LOST another 2.6lbs!!
I really need to become more strict. But the nightly popcorn really settles my cravings for anything else, and the chocolate keeps the headaches away (usually I try to stick to 3 pieces).

And remember that Pulled Roasted Chicken? Well, I tried it for lunch today. Here's what I did:

Placed about 1.5oz on a small flour tortilla and micro-zapped it for 1min. Then I added about 1tsp of Mayo w/ olive oil and a Dill pickle spear. I made two.

IT WAS SO GOOD!! I know the Mayo and tortilla are big NO NO's, but it just sounded so good. And at least I didn't use bread, right?! And if you figure out the calorie intake, for 2 little "tacos" I only exhausted about 150 calories (100 for 3oz of chicken, 30 for 2tsp mayo, and I'm assuming 20 for two little tortillas).

I know, I'm bad. I will try to be better... we'll see what the scale says about my cheats tomorrow!!

Until then...

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