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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week #2

So last week was rough for me, and I felt really ashamed to post about anything because of my failure.... but then I realized that is what this blog is for... to overcome those hard times. So here it is...

All I wanted was soup. It was cold and snowy all week and I just wanted some dang soup. So when I found that recipe book, I found a recipe for a Chicken Bouillon Base that is used in pretty much all of the soup recipes. So I decided to make a big batch of it. Mmmm... it smelled like Thanksgiving in my house. I saved a bowlful for the freezer for soup another time, and a cupful for the fridge to saute veggies. The rest I added 3 days worth of celery and beef and spices. I don't know what went awry with my spices but when I went to eat a bowl of it for dinner, I about died! My lips, my tongue, my throat were BURNING!! That had to be the spiciest thing I've ever had! Water wasn't helping at all so I decided I needed a piece of bread. Uh oh. Oops #1.

Right after eating it I felt like total crap, like a complete failure. I almost gave up actually. And that's when all the doubt started filling up my mind. The hCG, to me, kind of tasted like a watered down liquid Stevia, and as I was looking for liquid Stevia, I found out it comes in the same container. So I began to be skeptical. I mentioned it to my hubs and he reassured me that probably wasn't the case and I should stop thinking like that.
So the whole week wasn't a good one for me. I only gained not quite 2lbs during that week, so that was a good thing... but I needed to be more strict with myself.

So I will be re-doing week #2 in way. After being REALLY good on Monday, I got back down to my pre-Week#2 weight and now today I've lost another almost pound-and-a-half. I'm confident that I'm back on track!

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