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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've been doin' some thinkin'...

... scary I know...

On Wii Fit, it asks you to make a goal deadline. Usually mine is to lose the most amount of weight (22lbs is the limit) in a certain amount of time (usually 2-6months). I never reach it. So lately, I've been setting my goals at 2 week increments of around 10lbs. My deadline is next Tuesday. That just so happens to be my last day of 500 calories. So far I have 9lbs to lose to meet that deadline. That's 2lbs a day from today until Tuesday. It's crunch time, baby! I know I can do it!

Yesterday, I went into D.I. (Utah's version of Goodwill) to waste some time before an oil change appointment. My baby boy and I spent a good chunk of time searching his size clothes for some goods. We found some pretty cute stuff... then it was on to furniture and shoes... eh, nothing there that caught my attention. Then I noticed some women's capris. They were kinda cute, and I thought that would be perfect to wear to California in a few weeks!
So I started looking through the denim capri section and grabbed 2 pair of size 16's. I also found a khaki pair, and two adorable skirts (one without a tag, and the other size 14!). We went into the fitting room, and to my amazement, one of the sz 16 capris was way TOO BIG! While the sz 14 skirt fit perfectly! The khakis were also a perfect fit and the other demin capri was just a tad too loose. I decided to get the four(two skirts, khaki capri and denim capri) and see if I could find another denim pair in a sz 14. I did, but didn't have time to try it on there...
When I got home and tried them all on again, I was in heaven! I fit perfectly in the sz 14 ones... but was glad I kept the bigger size (a few weeks ago while up in Orem, my fat jeans were gettin a little snug... ), for just in case purposes! My diet will be completely over by the time we leave... and I don't see myself eating super junky food... so hopefully I won't gain 6lbs again!

Not sure where I was goin with this post... but I had some thoughts I wanted to share!

Here's to losing ONE PANT SIZE, and hopefully having one more gone in a week!! WOOHOO!!

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KSFamily said...

Good job! I'm super proud of you!