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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday was a rough day. I just felt icky... and thought I had gained a ton of weight over the weekend. I didn't want to do ANYTHING.

So I was a little nervous when I stepped on the scale this morning. Not really much of a change, which was good. Then I looked at the past couple of days. Friday night I gained 3lbs. I know, right.
BUT I know why, one word, Wendy's. I hate you Wendy's. I can go to McDonald's and order a Filet-o-Fish sandwich and share my son's fries and nuggets and not gain anything, but still lose. But not with Wendy's. Arrrgh.
So that started the bad pattern. You already know what happened Saturday and Sunday. So I've gained back about 4lbs... BUT... here's the good news:

I had an awesome workout this morning!! I did the Wii Fit PLUS for about an hour, lost about 270 calories AND BEAT all my records! I even did the extra long run, running the entire way. It's probably not quite a mile... but I started with the basic run (probably 1/4 mile) and then did the long-distance PLUS run. I feel great!!
I love the Advanced Step. I do pretty good on it, I've had the highest score in our home for the past year. But today... I was damn-near perfect 100%. I only missed 11 steps, getting OK's 11 times. No misses... almost perfect! I felt pretty good!!

My stomach feels tighter, my back is a little sore and my legs are feelin it too... and man, I stink!! Time for a shower!! Until Friday....

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Amy said...

Hi! So glad I found your blog. My name is Amy and I am sending you some love from a fellow HCG dieter. Judging from your recipes, we may be following a slightly different protocol, but we can still support each other! I can be found at okhcg.blogspot.com.