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Friday, January 15, 2010

Closing of Week One -- Results

I've decided rather than weigh myself EVERYDAY (which isn't good!), or even once a week (too little if you ask me), I would weigh myself every FRIDAY and TUESDAY mornings. The best time to weigh yourself is:

A. After you've gotten out of bed and pee'd
B. BEFORE you eat or drink anything!
C. Naked. (well, I keep my undies on because of I have a little man that LOVES "playing" Wii Fit with me!)

So today was my first time weighing myself since starting the 500 calorie diet. I was a bit skeptical as I'll admit, I cheated a bit the past 2 days... but no more!

Ready for this though? Even though I did cheat a bit, I still LOST the 3.7lbs I gained during my Load Days!

Go me!!

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